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the global climate has changed extensively
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The global climate has changed extensively

The global climate has changed extensively

The multifaceted manifestation of global weather is a prime example of climate change. Climate change is evident through recent events like the California fires, heavy rains in Africa and Europe, warming in Asia, and frequent occurrences of cyclones, tidal waves, cyclones, and floods worldwide.

World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5 every year since 1972. It aims to raise awareness about preventing environmental pollution and preserving life and the environment.

The central theme for this year’s World Environment Day was “Solutions to plastic pollution.” In Bangladesh, the theme was “Let’s join together to solve plastic pollution.”

About 400 million tons of plastic waste are produced worldwide every year. Only 10% percent of it is recycled or reused. It is estimated that around 19-23 million tonnes of plastic waste annually enter lakes, rivers, and oceans.

This poses a severe threat to aquatic species through direct pollution and indirectly putting these species at extreme risk.

Also, plastic particles enter the human body with our food, water, and even our breath. Many plastic additives contain certain ingredients that pose a risk to public health.

We hope for science-based solutions to the problem of plastic production and use. We also aim to limit plastic production and use globally in the short- and long term.

We need to devise a plan to address and solve this problem immediately. Everyone, including the public sector, private sector, business people, and the public, should work together on this initiative.

Today we have to give importance to the issue of environmental protection and dealing with the adverse effects of climate.

Global experience should consider finding quick solutions to local problems to deal with this global problem.

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