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europe america is burning due to adverse effects of climate
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Europe-America is burning due to adverse effects of climate

Europe-America is burning due to adverse effects of climate

Starting from Europe to America, there is intense heat everywhere. The fire has spread to some countries and regions, including the United States and Spain. July 3 to 10 was the hottest week in the world.

Meteorologists say that the temperature will increase further in the future. As a result, the heat record of 120,000 years may be broken. On the other hand, many Asian countries, including Japan, South Korea, China, and India, have been drowned in severe floods.

In the meantime, there has been a loss of life. At least 15 cars are stuck in an underwater tunnel in South Korea, and nine bodies have been recovered.

Heat waves are increasing in Texas, Greece, Spain, Italy, and other surrounding countries. Meteorologists say that increased atmospheric carbon dioxide levels and a unique air pattern over the Atlantic are causing warmer temperatures to spread between regions. The temperature fluctuates between 41 and 50 degrees in these countries.

Meanwhile, a high-temperature red alert has been issued across Europe. Wildfires have raged in Croatia, the Adriatic coast, and Navarre, Spain. Many tourist centers in Greece have been closed.

In addition, the fire has spread in Moreno Valley, Riverside County, California, USA. Firefighters are trying to control the fire, and they evacuated over 4,000 residents from Spain’s Canary Island of La Palma on Sunday.

More than 15 Italian cities, including Rome, are on red alert. It is forecasted to reach 43 degrees Celsius in Rome and 47 degrees Celsius in Sardinia. Instrumental measurement of air temperature began in the 1850s.

But this temperature has never been recorded before. This record was published by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) last week. Professor Christopher Hewitt, director of the agency’s climate service, said these temperatures worry the entire planet.

Many scientists have warned that global temperatures may exceed 1.5 degrees Celsius this year or next. It’s believed that over 61,000 people died in heatwaves in Europe last summer and expected that more people will die this year. Mediterranean countries like Greece, Spain, and Italy are at risk.

Continued use of fossil fuels will lead to higher global warming – scientists have warned for 30 years. The world will face intense heat and floods if they do not follow that advice.

Meanwhile, Asian countries have been hit by floods. At least 37 people have died in South Korea. There are various areas listed below. A landslide has occurred.

The situation has been the same in Japan for more than a week. Temperatures may reach 39 degrees Celsius at any time in the eastern parts of the country despite heavy rains and flooding.

In India, floods have occurred due to continuous rain, while the country has also experienced intense heat that has killed at least 90 people. Analysts say that this has happened as a result of climate change.

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