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the kapotaksha river (bangladesh) is on the verge of dying
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The Kapotaksha River (Bangladesh) is on the verge of dying

The Kapotaksha River (Bangladesh) is on the verge of dying


The Kapotaksha River passes through Jessore and flows into the Shibsa River through the chest of Koira Upazila in Khulna. There are many stories about the flow and depth of this river among the people of the Amadi area of Koira Upzilla. The people of that area still cherish the memories of boating and fishing in the river. However, all that is in the past now.

Th -prone section of the Kapotaksha river from the Amadi area of Koira to Boalia in neighboring Paikgacha Upazila lost its life earlier.

The situation has been going on for two years. The once 150m wide river has now turned into a 3-4m narrow canal. Boats cannot be sailed there at low tide. People cross by walking.

The people of the area have expressed concern after seeing the death of Kapotaksh. They say that if the river is not saved, come in the future.

Because the Kapotaksha River drains the water of most areas of Koira Upazila and Paikgacha Upazila. If there is no river, there is a danger of permanent flooding in the area in the future. The huge river flows like a narrow canal and somehow survives. There are huge chars on both sides of the river. There is a celebration of illegal occupation going on.

Starting from houses, various businesses, including shrimp farms, have been established by occupying Char (island). Apart from this, three new brick kilns constructing in Char.

Majid, a resident of Naksha village in Kapotakshapar, said, ”During my youth, the youth of this Kapotaksha river was also visible. The roar of this river could be heard from far away.

Now I am old, and the river Kapotaksha has dried up. As I am half dead, so is the Kapotaksha river. Earlier, there were 15-20 hands of water in the river. Even the boat does not run during the tide for two years.”

Nikhil Chandra Bhadra, the coordinator of the Sundarbans and Coast Protection Movement, said that the coastal Upazila of Koira is already at risk of disaster.

After that, the river was almost dead because the water flow of Kapotaksha has obstructed for 20 years by installing pillars in the name of bridge construction at Kapilmuni.

However, if the flow of this Kapotaksha river remains regular, the life and livelihood of the people of Kapotakshapar of Koira Upazila will be more disastrous.”

Mr.Tahmidul Islam, Chief Engineer of the Water Development Board, Khulna, said, ”In the second phase of the Kapotaksh river dewatering project, 30 kilometers of Kapotaksh river will be re-excavated from Paikgacha Boalia in Khulna to Amadi in Koira Upazila by 2024.

When this excavation completes, the waterlogging of Koira and Paikgacha Upazilas will resolve. At the same time, the communication system will facilitate along with trade and commerce by sea.”

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