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The Least Five Things We Can Do to Save Our Environment
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The Least Five Things We Can Do to Save Our Environment

The Least Five Things We Can Do to Save Our Environment

Today is World Environment day. This year the theme of World Environment Day is ‘Celebrate Biodiversity’. Since 1974, 5th June has been observed as ‘The World Environment Day’. It is a duty of all of us to protect our environment. Otherwise, our civilization will be at stake.

World Environment Day

Today the environment is endangered all over the world by the adverse effects of urbanization. Scientists are concerned about global warming. Due to global warming, the ice is melting, and sea level is rising continuously.

It is also increasing the natural disaster such as bush firing, catastrophic cyclone, sea surge, landslide, successive flood all over the globe, and even human pandemic is increasing day by day. The increasing temperature has brought down the level of groundwater. Human civilization will undoubtedly face a massive crisis soon.

Technology has made our lives easy and simple, but on the contrary, it has put harmful effects on the environment. The responsibility of saving the environment is on all of us. We can contribute to protecting our environment if we try.

The Least Five Things We Can Do to Save Our Environment
The Least Five Things We Can Do to Save Our Environment

Here are five ways to save our environment from destruction:

  1. Plants are not only providing oxygen but also maintain the balance of the environment. That’s why we have to plant more and more trees to save the environment. The wildlife also depends on trees. So, forestation is vital for biodiversity.
  2. Plastic is harmful to the environment. So, we all need to eliminate the use of plastic that can be used only once. The groundwater is being harmed by plastic. Even it is causing the deaths of many marine animals.
  3. Electricity is mostly produced by burning coal, which emits a lot of greenhouse gas. Greenhouse gases (GHGs) such as Carbon dioxide (CO2), Nitrous oxide(N2o), Ground-level ozone (O3) are polluting the environment, and all GHGs are liable for Global warming. That’s why we should increase the usage of renewable energy sources like solar power and wind power, tidal power, Sea wave power, water current, Sea thermal power, etc.
  4. The more cars will be used, the more the pollution will increase. So after the lockdown opens, we should try to use public transport more than private vehicles. Using public transports will lessen the number of cars.
  5. We have to be careful about using sweat water. Rainwater harvesting can fulfill our sweat water demand. The level of groundwater is decreasing day by day. That’s why we need to prevent waste of water.

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