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The level of noise pollution is constantly increasing in Dhaka, Bangladesh
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The level of noise pollution is constantly increasing in Dhaka, Bangladesh

The level of noise pollution is constantly increasing in Dhaka, Bangladesh


Riders of ride-sharing services lack proper knowledge of the laws, rules, and environmental protection while on the road. As a result, the level of noise pollution in Dhaka city is increasing due to people blowing horns for no reason.

This allegation made against the riders of Ride-sharing Service Providers by the Department of Environment (DOE), Bangladesh during, a views exchange meeting with BRTA, Bangladesh Police, and Ride-Sharing Service Providers on Sunday (August 29) as part of the DOE’s integrated and participatory project on noise pollution control.

Under the chair of Ashraf Uddin, Director General of the DOE, BRTA Representative, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) of Tejgaon Division of Dhaka Metropolitan Police, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) of Gulshan Division, and representatives from various Ride Sharing Providers such as Pathao, Uber, Shohoj, O vai, Chaldal.com and high official of DOE’sDOE’s were present at the meeting.

In his welcome address, Humayun Kabir, Additional Director General, DOE, stated, “In order to reduce traffic congestion, the cost of valuable labor hours, fuel consumption, and the number of motor vehicles on the road, the BRTA formulated a policy called ride-sharing service in 2017. Owners of private cars, motorcycles, jeeps, and microbuses can use their spare time to transport passengers and earn money under this scheme.”

“BRTA till now approved 14 Ride-sharing Service Providers to provide its ride-sharing Service in Bangladesh. Although the policy encourages ride-sharing motorists to abide by the existing motor vehicle laws and regulations, in reality, there are deviations in many cases.” he continued.

“Although the ride-sharing services are aimed at reducing the use of private cars, creating new entrepreneurs, and innovating the type of service, due to the lack of proper knowledge of the law, rules, and environmental protection of the drivers of this service, among other things, the level of noise pollution is increasing in Dhaka city by blowing horns without any reason.” he added.

For instance, mentioning two declared quiet areas of Dhaka city (Secretariat and Agargaon) where blowing horns are restricted, he said, “But as the drivers are unaware, they keep doing it. In order to prevent noise pollution, the government, through the Department of Environment, had taken up various programs in 2017. However, bringing noise pollution under a tolerable level is still challenging.”

“Since independence, especially in the last decade, Bangladesh has witnessed tremendous development and positive changes in all sectors. In order to maintain the continuity and positive changes in this development, an initiative will take to make Dhaka city noise-free with the focus on quality, coordination, and cooperation of all concerned.”

“We all need to be aware of our respective roles so that everyone can participate in the implementation of the project’s objectives even after the end of the project period.” he added.

In this regard, Faruk Ahmed, BRTA Assistant Director, said, “According to the Ride Sharing Policy 2017, 24,160 motorcycles of enlisted 14 Ride-sharing Service Providers issued certificates. Of these, four have renewed it, and the remaining ten have not done it yet.”

During the meeting, Representatives of Uber, Pathao, Shohoj, CNS Limited, and Chaldal.com informed the meeting that although the ride-sharing drivers were given regular training on road safety and other issues, they were not made aware of the noise pollution caused by the use of horns without any reason. “They would take the initiative in collaboration with the Department of Environment, Traffic Police, and BRTA regarding the unnecessary horns blowing by the riders of its own”, they assured.

“From now on, to spread awareness about noise pollution among drivers and service users through various messages and TVC websites and their respective apps,” they promised.

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