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The role of environmental journalism in preventing ecological pollution is immense

The role of environmental journalism in preventing ecological pollution is immense

The role of environmental journalism in preventing ecological pollution is immense

By Zeba Tarranum

To prevent environmental pollution, we now have no alternative to zero waste living to deal with the problems caused by waste management and climate change. At this moment, the country’s top experts, policymakers and journalists are also identifying it as a significant topic of discussion.

The Environment and Social Development Organization (ESDO) organized a day-long media vigil titled ‘Environmental Journalism: Reporting on Waste Issues’ under the project ‘Building Zero Waste Communities for a Pollution Free Environment in Bangladesh’ with journalists from different media at the RDRS auditorium in Rangpur on 16th February 2021.

The media can play a significant role in making the general public aware of proper waste management. The part of environmental journalism, in this case, is immense. For that purpose, ESDO organized this media orientation where an idea about their whole project is given. It also highlights the problems faced by journalists in covering the news on environmental pollution.

Besides, it guides how journalists can play a leading role in protecting the environment through their regular awareness and anti-corruption reporting.

Shahiduzzaman, a Prominent veteran journalist, said, ‘Such activities play a vital role for environmental journalists. The experience of this media orientation will help present public awareness information about environmental pollution in the media in the future.”

Sadrul Alam Dulu, a Prominent freedom fighter and veteran journalist, said, ‘This proper waste management project organized by ESDO will inspire journalists to spread the information to the general public on how all types of household waste can be turned into resources through proper management.’

Shahriar Hossain, Secretary-General of ESDO, Siddika Sultana, Executive Director of ESDO and Shahiduzzaman, a prominent veteran journalist, conducted various sessions and activities of this media orientation.

More than twenty media journalists from the national and regional Rangpur district levels participated in this media orientation program and skill enhancement workshop.

Md. Golam Rabbani, the Additional Deputy Commissioner of Rangpur District, was the chief guest at the concluding session of Media Orientation. He distributed certificates among all the participants.

To implement this project, Dhaka North City Corporation, Rangpur City Corporation, Department of Environment, Gaya and PSF are assisting ESDO.

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