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the water crisis in 16 asian countries is in great danger due to the warming
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The water crisis in 16 Asian countries is in great danger due to the warming

The water crisis in 16 Asian countries is in great danger due to the warming.

Because of global warming, the  Hindu Kush Himalayan basin area is in a water crisis. This could soon affect the water supply of several Asian countries. Such is the Chinese think tank ‘China Water Risk’ claim.

Ten rivers originate in the Hindu Kush-Himalaya basin. This list includes the Ganges, Brahmaputra, which flow through India and Bangladesh.

There are the Yangtze and Rivers, which flow into China. Also, there are the Mekong, Salween River, etc. According to the Chinese research organization, global warming and climate change may affect all these rivers.

Significantly, at least one billion people depend on all these rivers. It is also the source of $4.3 trillion in the annual GDP of several countries.

But the basin is vulnerable to melting glaciers and extreme weather conditions. The situation became in danger by the construction of hydroelectric projects in the area. The research firm claims that if not address the problem now, it may become bigger later.

Most notably, Rivers originating in the Hindu Kush-Himalaya mountain basin generate nearly three-quarters of hydropower in 16 Asian countries.

Hence, if the water supply in the area disrupts in any way, ‘High’ to ‘Extremely High’ water stress may occur. Similarly, the Yangtze River in China also consider. About one-third of the population of a whole country depends on this river. Therefore, if the effects of warming observe, many countries in Asia may face major water problems later.

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