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 three billion years ago, water existed on mars, claims the chinese rover 
Environmental Science Tahsin Taha

 Three billion years ago, water existed on Mars, claims the Chinese Rover 

 Three billion years ago, water existed on Mars, claims the Chinese Rover

Tahsin Taha

It confirmed that there is currently no water on Mars. Was there ever any water on Earth’s neighboring planets? Is it possible that there was ever water here? The precise solution to this query is unknown at this time.

However, scientists have heard of various possibilities at different times. The Chinese Rover declared that there must be water on Mars after performing research on the Martian soil. And contrary to popular belief, this did not occur in prehistoric times.

A Chinese spacecraft orbited Mars in February of this year. In May, Beijing’s Tianwen-1 spacecraft touched down on Mars. Zhurong (rover) has been gathering samples on Mars’ surface since then.

Signs of water on Mars were found in samples of hydrated minerals collected from that rover. It is thought that water may have been on the red planet 300 billion years ago.

Researchers claim that samples collected from the rover show that groundwater and ice water once existed on Mars. That mark remains. And it has been claimed that water has probably existed on neighboring planets for a long time.

Perseverance had earlier aroused the general public’s curiosity about the existence of water on Mars.
shared some pictures of the stone on social media at that time. Scientists said that at one point, water flowed through its crevices.

It’s now completely dry and knocking. It can only find the mark on stones. After the United States, China now has the same urge. Which once bolstered the case for the presence of water on Mars.

Incidentally, the Zhurong (rover) is named after the Chinese mythological fire god. It has been collecting various samples on the surface of Mars for a long time.

They were examining the structure of the surface of Mars. The ice search is also going on. If something significant arises, Jurong will pay close attention to it. This Mars mission holds excellent promise for China.

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