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6:33 pm | July 29, 2021
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The US and BD government working together to protect the Sundarbans
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The US and BD government working together to protect the Sundarban

The US government is working with the BD government against climate change to protect the Sundarbans

Sadia Noor Portia (7th-semester student, English Department,
Independent University, Bangladesh).

“The US government is working with the current government of Bangladesh against climate change to protect the Sundarbans. They are funding for various projects. The government, especially Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, is very sincere in protecting the Sundarbans and the environment,” said US Ambassador of Bangladesh Earl Robert Miller.

After a three-day visit to Sundarbans, last Tuesday he said these things to reporters in the Ghol area of Jaymani village of Mongla in Bagerhat. Returning from the Sundarbans, the Ambassador held a meeting with representatives of the US-funded Wild Team, Bagh Bondhu, USID, and CMC in the Ghol area of Jaymani.

Miller said, ‘the Sundarbans is not just a wealth of Bangladesh; it is the world’s wealth. Hopefully, the government and many other agencies, including the law enforcement agency are working to protect the Sundarbans and its biodiversity, especially the Royal Bengal Tiger.

The number of tigers in Sundarbans is increasing again, which is hopeful for all the children in the world, including your children, especially the next generation. Everyone should work to protect the rare animals, including Royal Bengal Tiger, Dolphin, and Chitra Deer in the Sundarbans.

The US ambassador added, “I came to the Sundarbans for the first time in my life and stayed for two and a half days. It’s a unique experience of my life.”

The Director of American Embassy Dirk Brown, the CEO of Wild Team Anwarul Islam, the Divisional Forest Officer of East Sundarbans Belayet Hossain, the Assistant Police Superintendent of Mongla Range Asif Iqbal, the Assistant Commissioner (Land) of Mongla Nawan Kumar – were present on the meeting.

The US and BD government working together to protect the Sundarbans

Source: গ্রীন পেইজ | Green Page

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