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5:33 am | June 14, 2021
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More than 124 people died in India-Pakistan-Afghanistan due to flood and cold

More than 124 people died due to Flood and Cold

More than 124 people died in India-Pakistan-Afghanistan due to flood and cold

Tahsin Taha (Student, Dept. of Law,
North-South University, BD)

Because of heavy snowfall, it has become difficult for the authority to reach the affected people with relief. This year the adverse effect of nature has taken place in this subcontinent. In the past few days, more than 124 people died in India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan due to glacier, flood, and cold.

The reports from the news agency AFP and Reuters show that last Monday (13 January 2020), though the authorities of those countries reported such information, it could not be possible to reach relief to the affected people in most cases because of heavy snowfall.

In the meantime, 75 people died, 68 people were injured and also many more went missing in Pakistan so far. Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, 39 peoples died because of hostile weather.

On the other hand, there is very cold in India. At least 10 people died due to the glaciers in the northern region of the country, Kashmir. An Indian police officer said that five of them were Indian soldiers who were in charge of the Indian-Pakistan border.

The special thing is that the forecast for the next few days is predicting the weather to be more unbearable.

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