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8:30 pm | May 15, 2021
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Use an anti-pollution mask to prevent pollution

Use an anti-pollution mask to prevent pollution

Use an anti-pollution mask to prevent pollution

Tahsin Taha (Student, Dept. of Law,
North-South University, BD)

Day by day, the air of the capital Dhaka becoming unhealthy. The amount of sand pollutants in the atmosphere has increased drastically in the form of mixing of garbage, road dust, factory smokes, brickfield smokes, etc. So wearing masks to avoid this dust is necessary.

There are various types of masks available in the market and the most common cover is N95. You can use it at least 3 to 4 days continuously and it is PM 2.5 (2.5-micrometer size Particulate matter) dust retainable. It can save you around 95% of air dust. This mask is one of the cheapest masks in the market. Its cost is around Tk.90 to Tk.150 only
N99 & N100:
There are also N99 and N100 masks, which are a little bit expensive rather than other masks, but it will protect 99% air dust. You will Tk. 200 to T.3000 per mask, but you can use it multiple times by washing. It can be usable for at least six months.

There is P95, which also protects from oily pollution and the cost of it will be Tk.1100 to Tk.1200 only. It can be useable 8 to 10 hours.

Air Purification anti-pollution Mask:
This mask is useful for those living in the heart of the city. It’s beneficial for them. But it is costly and you can use it multiple times by changing the mask filter. Its cost will be around Tk. 3000 to Tk.3500.

Respro Mask:
Respro mask can be refined up to PM10 particles. It can be used around 70 hours and it cost will be Tk.750 to Tk.1000 only.

Surgical anti-pollution Mask:
The white or blue, green cloth mask will be available in all medical stores. It does not work to prevent pollution, but it will save you from dust. This mask is useful for medicinal purposes.

In the end, we can say that you will get a better result if you use N99, N100, p95 or Air Purification mask rather than Surgical mask.

Source: OutLook

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