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the leading cause of environmental pollution is black smoke from transport
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The leading cause of environmental pollution is black smoke from transport

The leading cause of environmental pollution is black smoke from transport


Dhaka is at the top of the world’s city-wise air pollution list. The level of this pollution increases every year during the dry season. Black smoke from vehicles has recently been added again.

The level of black smoke from transport, almost reduced due to various initiatives, has recently increased. Experts fear that air pollution will increase due to this black smoke.

The chemicals mixed in the air from the black smoke harm the human body. Although the government talks about various initiatives to control pollution, black smoke is again emerging as a ‘new nuisance.’

Air pollution levels increase every year during the dry season of winter. On October 25, 2022, a bus named ”Shikar Paribahan” from Mirpur halted at the Sark Foara signal in Karwan Bazar, Dhaka, emitting black smoke.

After leaving the signal, the vehicle ran towards Shahbagh, polluting the air similarly. Passengers of other transports and nearby pedestrians held their noses with their hands or clothes for some time to protect themselves from the excessive black smoke.

An hour later, a Victor Classic bus plying on the Abdullahpur to Sadarghat route was also seen plying on Rampura Bridge. Not just one or two, they are constantly seen on different roads of the capital. The same scene has been observed in the capital’s Kakrail and Press Club areas.

Public transport buses are at the top among the vehicles in terms of black smoke emission. Unfit and old rickety cars are the most advanced in this regard. In this list, buses are followed by microbuses, private cars, Lagunas, private cars, and motorcycles of various companies and institutions.

The transport officials informed that the causes of black smoke from the vehicles include aging of the engine, reduced engine capacity, mechanical defects, not changing the engine oil at regular intervals, and unfit driving.

Vehicle owners and drivers are mainly responsible for these. However, instead of taking responsibility, one side tries to put the responsibility on the other.

The government has a Motor Vehicles Ordinance of 1983 dealing with black smoke from vehicles. It identifies the emission of fumes harmful to health as a ‘punishable offense.’’

For this, there is a provision of punishment, including a fine of BDT.200. Md. Mozammel Haque Chowdhury, Secretary General of the Bangladesh Passenger Welfare Association, said, ”The laws remain unfollowed.

If there had been punished, the situation would have improved. However, it is more important for transport owners and workers to be aware of this.

Meanwhile, experts say, ‘Unfit cars are the main source of black smoke. As the engines of these cars are old, the fuel cannot burn completely. Then that oil comes out in the form of black smoke. In a fitness car, the opposite happens; the oil burns completely, resulting in no black smoke.

Md Kamruzzaman, an air pollution expert, said, ‘Black smoke contains carbon monoxide, black carbon, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, etc. Again, when the black smoke emits, the dust also spreads around.

Air pollution is increasing due to the spread of these substances in the air, which is very harmful to people.”

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