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Bumper Crop Even in Adverse Weather: BRRI-75 Rice Cultivation
Agriculture Zeba Tarannum

Bumper Crop Even in Adverse Weather: BRRI-75 Rice Cultivation

Bumper Crop Even in Adverse Weather: BRRI-75 Rice Cultivation could Bring Change in Agro-Economy

By Zeba Tarannum

At present, adverse weather has affected the agriculture and the farmers of the country. In a less short time, farmers have made a history of bumper yields in adverse weather by cultivating BRRI Rice-75 advanced variety of paddy with higher yield and lower cost.

And in the exhibition plot of this advanced variety of paddy, the swing of the golden sheaf is a spark of a new dream in the farmer’s eyes. This new variety of paddy has put a smile on the face of the farmer.

The vast green fields of Birganj in Dinajpur are full of BRRI Rice -75, the advanced varieties of paddy.

Entrepreneurial farmers of the exhibition plot think that if the cultivation of this variety of paddy can spread, the country’s agricultural economy can change. At the same time, it can also change the condition of the farmers.

Aman paddy has been cultivated in 29,600 hectares of land in Birganj Upazila this year. BRRI Rice -75, the advanced variety paddy, has been planted in 30 hectares of land among them, according to the Upazila Agriculture Office.

The initiative of Agriculture Extension Department, Birganj Upazila, implemented by revenue sector funding, Paddy cutting of the exhibition plot, was started on October 13, 2020.

There have been 18 mounds of paddy in 33 decimal of land that has been cut off. Paddy has sold Tk. 900 per mound. Paddy straw has sold for Tk. 4000. The cost of the land, including the lease, is only Tk.12500. In this, the profit of the farmer in 33 decimal of land has been Tk.700.

Farmer Md. Raihan Ali of Jagdal village in Sujalpur UP of Birganj Upazila has achieved great success by cultivating this new variety of paddy quickly and at less cost.

Farmer Md. Raihan Ali said it takes less time to cultivate this variety of paddy. Insect infestation is less, so need not have to spray pesticides. The result is higher yields.

Again, the price is reasonable as this paddy comes into the market in advance. Moreover, after harvesting paddy from this land, additional profit can make by cultivating vegetables.

He thinks that if this variety of paddy cultivation can spread, a revolutionary change will occur in the agricultural economy.

Md. Rezaul Karim, Upazila Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer, said BRRI Rice-75 is a high yielding variety in the Aman season. Seedlings have to be sown within 25 to 30 days after sowing seeds from July 21 to August 20.

This rice can harvest in just 110 to 115 days. The stem of this paddy is hard, so the tree does not fall. Paddy does not fall from the sheaf. As this variety harvest early, the attack of diseases and insects is less. Harvesting of this variety starts especially before the brown tree grasshopper (current insect) or stem borer.

The yield of this variety of paddy is higher. That is, the yield per hectare is 4.5 tons to 5 tons. Moreover, as this variety of paddy is short terminal, it is possible to cultivate 3-4 crops on the same land, including the Rabi season’s advanced vegetables.

Birganj Upazila Agriculture Officer Abu Reza Md. Asaduzzaman said the rice (BRRI-75) is medium-thin and slightly fragrant. After cooking, the aroma spreads from the rice.

Due to this, there is a demand for this rice. It expects that the cultivation of this variety of paddy will increase as there is a massive demand among the farmers.

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