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Foods that increase cancer risk - Learn and avoid

Foods that increase cancer risk – Learn and avoid

Foods that increase cancer risk – Learn and avoid

By Thasin Taha

Cancer is a deadly disease. The number of cancer patients is increasing every day. Uncontrolled eating habits and various harmful aspects of modern life are also pushing people towards such deadly diseases.

Junk food is not only a cause of cancer, but many flavourful and so-called healthy foods are also a cause of terminal cancer.

The following is a list of 17 foods that increase the risk of cancer-

1. Processed meat

According to the World Food Organization (WHO), eating processed meat increases the risk of cancer. Notable among the processed meats are – sausage, hotdog, bacon, etc.

These meats are processed with large amounts of salt and dangerous chemicals, especially nitrates (NO3- ) and nitrites (No2- ). The main purpose of adding all these substances is to make them attractive and long-lasting. But processed meat is risky for the human body and can even cause cancer.

Alternative approaches: Avoid processed meats and eat mostly fresh and organic meats and preserve any product with minimal processing but without preservatives.

2. Soda/ Cold-drinks

One of the causes of cancer is soda/cold-drink. Consumption of high amounts of sugar and harmful dyes is not only unhealthy but also risky for cancer.

Alternative approaches: Clean and sterile water is the most beneficial for good health. There is no adulteration in the water.

3. Grilled meat

Grilled meat (Steak) is the favorite food of most people from children to aged. Nowadays, this dish has become quite popular. But it is also a health risk. There is a risk of cancer.

This is because the high temperatures used to steak or grill produce carcinogenic hydrocarbons harmful to health. A carcinogen is a substance that causes cancer.

Alternative methods: Red meat should be eaten in small quantities, cook carefully, and choose organic and grass-fed beef.

4. Microwave Pop-corns

Popcorn is one of the favorite foods of all ages. While popcorn is healthy for the body, packets of popcorn become unhealthy in most cases.

This is because most microwave popcorn packets contain a chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid (C8HF15O2). And these chemicals are responsible for breast, kidney, bladder, prostate, lung, thyroid, leukemia, and lymphoma cancers.

Alternative ways: To avoid the risk of cancer, buying raw corn and fry it in the oven is risk-free and beneficial.

5. Can foods

Can foods be more dangerous? This is because it can contain the organic substance BPA (Bisphenol A), an organic synthetic compound with the chemical formula (CH3)2C(C6H4OH)2), which is harmful to health. Besides, the food inside the can is coated with lead (Pb) to keep the food fresh and crispy.

Long-time heat & pressure that can be mixed with the food. Therefore, just as BPA increases the risk of cancer, lead also causes complex diseases in the human body, especially in children with loss of knowledge and intelligence.

Alternative approaches: Basically, foreign processed food habits should be abandoned. Moreover, all these items can be eaten fresh and kept in the fridge. Many of these foods such as tomatoes, mangoes, jackfruits, litchis, etc. seasonal vegetables and fruits can be processed at home and frozen for a long time.

6. Cultivated/Farmed Fish

Rui, Katal, Mrigal are nutritious and healthy food. In the case of commercially cultivated fish, various anti-inflammatory drugs, insects, and other ‘carcinogenic’ chemical substances are used to prevent attacks of bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Cultivated fish also have lower levels of Omega-3 fatty acids than natural fish.

Alternative approaches: Include marine fish and fish from rivers, canals, and open water in the food list.

7. Potato Chips

Although potato chips are delicious to eat, they also contain a lot of trans-fat, which raises cholesterol levels. Extra salt is added and fried in ‘Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil’.

And the sodium in salt raises blood pressure. Potato chips are also used as a variety of preservatives and artificial colors that are harmful to health.

Potato chips are fried at high temperatures to make them crispy.

It produces a toxic substance called ‘carcinogen’ called ‘acrylamide (C3H5NO).’

Alternative way: Instead of buying chips from the store, you have to make chips at home.

8. Hydrogenated oil or trans-fat

Vegetable oils such as soybean, olive, sunflower, etc. are made by a chemical process. This is because all these oils usually look light colorless.

So, hydrogen gas molecules are added to make it darker and scatter, and a variety of chemicals are added to enhance their quality, taste, and aroma.

As a result, unhealthy Omega-6 fats are extremely high. Vegetable oil increases the risk of breast cancer.
Alternative approaches: So, use ‘Extra-Virgin Olive Oil,’ ‘Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil,’ Mustard Oil, Sesame Oil, mashed mustard, mashed sesame, or ‘Palm Oil’ in the domestic machine or grinding.

9. Alcohol

Many people drink alcohol to feel a little relaxed. But many people consume excess.

Excessive alcohol consumption can increase blood triglyceride (RCO2CH2CH(O2CR′)-CH2CO2R″) levels, leading to blood clots in the blood vessels, leading to heart attacks and strokes.

Excessive increase in blood triglyceride levels can lead to inflammation of the pancreas. Constant drinking increases the risk of cancer.

Pancreatic disease kills 69-80% of people in 10 years (Andrada Seicean1, Marcel Tanþãu1, Mircea Grigorescu1, Teodora Mocan1, Radu Seicean2, Teodora Pop1) 3rd Medical Clinic. 2) 1st Surgical Clinic,

University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Cluj-Napoca). Alcohol also causes cancer of the neck, Esophagus, liver, breast, and colon. Alternative approaches: It is better to abstain from alcohol.

10. Artificial sweetener

Diabetic patients, in particular, use artificial sweeteners instead of sugar. It is used in syrups, low-quality biscuits and sweet makers, and hotel restaurants. Chemical processes produce it. So, artificial sweeteners are not at all safe for health.

Researchers have suggested that artificial sweeteners produce toxin DKP (Diketopiperazine, C4H6N2O2) in the body and increase the risk of developing brain tumors.

Alternative approaches: So, instead of processed or artificial sugar, you can use plant-based stevia, honey, sugarcane molasses or sugarcane sugar, maple syrup, etc.

11. French-fries

No one does not love to eat French fries. It is the favorite food of everyone from children to aged. However, fried in trans fat and then using extra salt, this food increases the risk of cancer.

At the same time, these foods are made at high temperatures, so they contain acrylamide (C3H5NO). It produces a toxic substance called ‘carcinogen,’ which usually found in cigarettes.

Alternative ways: Try some recipes for French fries. Make delicious and healthy French fries at home using flavored spices and olive oil.

12. Processed sugar or artificial sugar

In addition to increasing the insulin level in the body, processed sugar is one of the favorite foods of cancer cells. So, it can be said that it helps in the growth of cancer cells. Otto Warburg, a German physician who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine, discovered in 1931 that tumors and cancer cells are dependent on high levels of fructose-containing sugar for growth.

Alternative methods: You can use honey, molasses, sugarcane molasses or sugar, maple syrup, etc. instead of processed or artificial sugar.

13. Weight loss diet or diet food

Many people rely on diet foods to avoid home-made healthy foods, including packaged foods and soft drinks such as diet coke. These foods may be suitable for weight loss, but experts say that the chances of cancer increase.

Alternative ways: Eat fresh, green vegetables instead of packaged foods.

14. Margarine:

Margarine was considered a healthier alternative to butter. However, it turns out that margarine is made from hydrogenated vegetable oils and is full of trans fats. Recent studies have suggested that trans fats are more dangerous than the saturated fats found in butter.

Alternative ways: Avoid margarine as much as possible.

15. Non-organic fruits and vegetables

Fruits and crops that use organic fertilizers such as green manure are organic fruits and vegetables. And the fruits and crops that use chemical fertilizers, chemical pesticides to control insects are all non-organic fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables are very healthy and delicious to eat. But the pesticides that are sprayed on them while cultivating are not fit at all.

Weed killers are banned in Europe because they are incredibly harmful to human health. Alternative methods: Buy as much fresh as possible and wash all products carefully before eating.

16. Refined white flour

The refining process removes all the nutritional value of the original wheat. The flour is bleached with chlorine gas to give it an attractive white color. White flour is such a carbohydrate that causes cancer to spread as fast as ordinary sugar.

Alternative approach: Therefore, it is better to eat red wheat flour, almond, or barley flour instead of refined white flour.

17. Genetically Modified Foods (GMO Foods)

Nowadays, by changing the genetic DNA of fruits and crops, food production increases, and fruits and crops are being produced throughout the year. Such as untimely tomato, mango, orange, papaya, etc. 90% of the wheat produced in the United States is GMO.

There is an intense debate about GMO food safety. GMOs are huge food producers because they have been modified to prevent insects, make transportation more comfortable, and long-lasting.

The world’s largest seed and food marketing companies are spending billions of dollars on government and non-government organizations, officials, and the political arena to prevent the publication of its harmful aspects.

GMOs are sometimes called GEOs, meaning genetically engineered organisms.

GMO is created by artificially inserting any genetic information into an organism, that is, by entering a nucleotide sequence of the desired trait into an organism, that is, by genetically manipulating the organism.

Studies have shown that genetic information transmitted from other organisms in GM crops cannot be digested in the human stomach and Esophagus, or can sometimes mix with normal DNA through the blood and cause behavioral changes.

This increases the risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer by 100 percent. It can also affect sex chromosomes, leading to sex infertility. Alternative ways: It is better to avoid GMO food.


Certain foods should be added to the daily food list, which increases the body’s resistance to disease and plays a unique role in preventing cancer. So, it is better to avoid the foods mentioned above to stay healthy.

If it is not equal at once, then discard the dimension. Eat healthy and fresh food, and keep yourself healthy. The diet should also be added to the menu of the day, which plays a significant role in increasing the body’s immune capacity and preventing cancer.

So, it is better to avoid the foods mentioned above to stay healthy. Suppose it is not possible at once. If it does not make it possible to avoid, then avoid the excess. Take healthy and fresh foods and keep yourself healthy.

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