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Guliakhali Seabeach at Chittagong, Bangladesh – Full of Amazing Views of Sea Lake, Deer and Green Water

Guliakhali Seabeach at Chittagong, Bangladesh – Full of Amazing Views of Sea Lake, Deer and Green Water

By Tahsin Taha

Green after green. Somewhere on the horizon, somewhere in the sea. The tree is getting decorated in the middle of the green. In the positive flow of nature, a crooked narrow ditch has been made in the middle of the green.

The water is glistening in the drain. At high tide, the canals are filled with water. Birds, water waves, and wind mingle here—Keora forest visible somewhere. The root of the Keoratree can be seen. The vast grasslands along the beach give a different look.

It is as if the green carpet has taken shelter in the lap of nature on the beach. A beautiful green courtyard has been created. Nature has not been so stingy in decorating the impeccably beautiful Guliakhali beach.

It is known that Guliakhali beach is located at the mouth of the river in Muradpur union of Sitakunda Upazila of Chittagong. It is also known as Muradpur beach. It’s location is 22° 36′ 40.09″ N, 91° 37′ 32.05″ E. Before the lockdown of the global pandemic coronavirus outbreak, there were countless visitors every day.

The crowd is made up of people from different classes and professions. However, during the four months of lockdown, the beach was silent. No one bothered nature. There was no gathering of tourists. As a result, nature has taken over the beach.

The triumph has been green. The green beach, the forerunner of the beauty of nature, has opened its form. Locals claim that Guliakhali beach has immense potential. There is no end to the fantastic beauty of nature on this beach.

So, with a definite development plan, it can be developed as a beautiful tourist destination. Then the number of tourists will increase several times more. Sitakunda Upazila Nirbahi Officer Milton Roy said, ‘Many tourists come to this beach every day. It is a scenic natural beach. However, the place belongs to the forest department.

They may be planning to beautify the beach. The area of Guliakhali beach will be about one kilometer. Greening has been visible here for the last almost two years. Since then, many visitors come on Friday-Saturday.

When you come here, you can see the sea, lake, embankment, deer and green water. It is said that it is a potential natural recreation center. From the side of Sitakunda Bus Stand Bridge, you can go directly to Guliakhali Beach Dam by autorickshaw.

Near this beach, there are Sitakunda Ecopark, Chandranath Temple and Hills, Jharjhari Jharna, Kamaldaha Jharna, Kumira-Sandwip Ghat, Mahamaya Lake, Khayachara Jharna, Napittachara Jharna, Sahasradhara Jharna.

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