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japan has had a record temperature for 150 years
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Japan has had a record temperature for 150 years

Japan has had a record temperature for 150 years


Public life in Japan is in turmoil. Local time Sunday recorded the highest temperature in nearly 150 years in eastern Japan.

Temperatures around 35 degrees Celsius have been recorded weekly in and around Tokyo. Today’s temperature in western Japan’s Nagoya was nearly 40 degrees Celsius.

According to the country’s Meteorological Department, it will likely rain the next few days. Then the temperature may drop a little.

Japan is already considering reopening a nuclear reactor that shut down after the 2011 Fukushima disaster due to the rising electricity demand. The Japanese government had earlier warned that the dangerous situation of temperature rise would continue.

In the scorching heat, authorities have called for the relaxation of human masks outside the home.

Seji Kihara, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary, told a news conference, “The risk of heatstroke increases this summer. So please take off your mask when you go out if you are away from others and try not to talk. ‘

The use of the power grid in Tokyo, home to 37 million people, has reached dangerous levels, leading to the threat of a power outage last Thursday.

In recent years, Japan has experienced intense heat during the summer. Due to the extreme heat last year, several events at the Tokyo Olympics did not take place on time.

A Japan’s finance ministry spokesman said: “Our (electricity) demand in June this year was equal to the highest summer demand due to record high temperatures. Such a situation arises before we can mobilize adequate supply resources. That is why the situation has become a bit complicated.”

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