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protection against lithium mining in portugal to protect the environment
Aivee Akther

Protection against lithium mining in Portugal to protect the environment

Protection against lithium mining in Portugal to protect the environment


Currently, the demand for batteries is increasing everywhere to increase the use of alternative fuels. Again, the lithium extraction required for that battery is harming the environment. A region of Portugal is in such a dilemma.

Every morning Nelson Gomez goes to the barn with anxiety in his mind. He has doubts about how long he will be able to keep cows. With the launch of the lithium mine at Kovas do Barroso in northeastern Portugal, people will no longer be able to farm and raise cattle.

Gomez said, “It simply came to our notice that there will be explosions in the mountains, massive demand for extra water due to mining, and unavoidable loud noises. We are right next door. “

The whole village is standing against the mine in the face of such a threat. Their slogans on placards and signboards were ‘We want life, not mine’ or ‘We will resist collectively.’

Nelson Gomez and his neighbors have started a civic initiative. Carlos Gonzalez also joined it. He worries about his four and a half hundred bees as a beekeeper.

Carlos said, “If there is a mine here, the water consumption will equal the demand of the entire village population. Where will that water come from? We do not have that much water. They can change the course of a mountain river, but such a river dries up repeatedly. “

Portugal estimates to have the largest reserves of lithium in Europe. Samples have already been collected at Kovas do Barroso. However, that wealth is becoming a curse for many of the local population.

Even at the district headquarters boutique, only one person favors the project. According to him, lithium mining should allow. Sometimes we should prefer the economy over the environment.

The Portuguese government also wants to take advantage of those resources. Portugal also intends to contribute to Europe’s lithium supply.”

Lithium extraction may also begin shortly, about 100 km south of Kovas do Barroso. There are already quartz mines there. The resistance of the older adults in that village is feeble. Mine is nothing new to the people of Villa Garcia.

Jose Almeida and his friends are distributing flyers in the adjacent Trancoso area. They want to open the eyes of the people there. They want to make them understand because lithium mines will interfere with nature on a larger scale.

Jose said, “There is not enough information about the consequences for the miners. What is being done behind the scenes is keeping people in the fog. “

The mayor of Pinnell, 20 kilometers away, even wants to sue the Portuguese government. Rui Ventura said, “The process of sampling 40 percent of the land in the area over the years has created uncertainty in investors’ minds.” At the same time, he is questioning the search for less destructive alternatives at the European level.

The mayor further said, “We all understand the importance of lithium. However, we also know that there is another way besides lithium. We should do more research on that.

Scientists have to allow to do that. Europe is talking about it but not working toward it. The United Nations recognized Kovas do Barroso as an agricultural and cultural heritage in northern Portugal just four years ago.

Living in harmony with nature has brought that honor. The village people do not want to lose that dignity because they are also tackling climate change in their way. “

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