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the case against the illegal hill cutting and pond filling in chattagram, bangladesh 
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The case against the illegal hill cutting and pond filling in Chattagram, Bangladesh 

The case against the illegal hill cutting and pond filling in Chattagram, Bangladesh


Two separate cases were filed against two persons for the crime of cutting a hill and constructing an unauthorized structure in the Jalalabad area of Chattagram city under the Bayezid police station.

The Department of Environment (DOE), Bangladesh, filed the two cases at the Bayezid police station. Another separate lawsuit has been filed against four people in Halishahar police station for the crime of pond filling.

Abdullah Al Matin, Assistant Director of the DOE, filed two cases of hill cutting. Sources of the DOE said that A man named Abdur Razzak was building a structure by cutting down a hill in the Jalalabad area of the city. A team of the DOE visited the spot and found the hill cutting.

In the same area, another person named Mohammad Yusup Ali cut the hill and built a separate structure. Four thousand cubic feet of rock have been cut in two places.

Mia Mahmudul Haque, Deputy Director of the DOE, Chattagram, said two separate cases had been filed against these two persons. After the hearing in the DOE, Hillol Biswas, the director, had ordered to file a lawsuit in these two incidents.

Another case has been registered against four persons in the Halishahar police station for filling the pond in the Chhotapul area of the city.

A pond was illegally filling in the Amiruzzaman Sarkarbari area of Chhotapul. At that time, two workers have arrested. Later filed a case against four people. The accused are Md. Johnny, Md. Jisan, Md. Akram and Md. Sohag.

Md Monir Hossain, Inspector of the DOE, filed the case as a plaintiff.

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