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3:19 pm | April 20, 2024
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Tourism was banned in the Sundarbans due to Covid – 19 Coronavirus

Tourism was banned in the Sundarbans due to Covid-19 Coronavirus

Tourism was banned in the Sundarbans due to Covid – 19 Coronavirus

The Sundarbans is one of the favourite places of people who have thirst for enjoying the natural beauty. Thousands of tourists gather to visit and enjoy the landscapes of the Sundarbans every year.

The government has banned tourist gatherings in the Sundarbans and other ecotourism spots amid growing concern over the coronavirus outbreak. The ban will remain effective until further notice.

Md Moinuddin Khan, the forest conservator of the Sundarbans Forest Department confirmed the information on Thursday (19th March 2020).

He said that all the Sundarbans ecotourism spots have been banned to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. He also said that this ban has been granted temporarily. When the situation becomes normal, entering these tourist centers will be allowed again.

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