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7:11 pm | July 29, 2021
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Dengue Is Spreading Alongside With Covid-19

Dengue Is Spreading Alongside With Covid-19

Dengue Is Spreading Alongside With Covid-19

This year Dengue has spread panic among peoples from all over Bangladesh before the monsoon. Now people are also afraid of Dengue as such as Coronavirus.

From this January 265 peoples have been affected by dengue till now. The Health Department has confirmed this information. But last year at this time only 72 peoples were affected by dengue.

This year, the number of dengue patients are 4 times higher than the last year.

Common peoples are now facing the problems of both the Covid-19 and the Dengue. The role that the responsible organization has taken to overcome all the problems is now questioned by various categories.

The experts are estimating that this year the dengue situation will reach an alarming level. According to the report, last year total 100,354 people were affected and 179 people were dead.

It is afraid that when after it will start rains the number of patients will increase a large. If necessary, steps aren’t taken before monsoon, the situation will reach an even more alarming level.

The experts assume that this year the Aedes Mosquitos’ Larvae will be more than the previous year.

And that’s why experts are warning to the authorities and urged to take action before the situation will arise. Some days ago, a report made by the Health Department showed that Word No. 5, 6, 11, 17, 37 and 47 of Dhaka South City Corporation, Bangladesh contained the most Aedes mosquito larvae after the monsoon.

The Dhaka North City Corporation has informed that Mosquitoes control drugs already have been imported from China and keeping it under preparation for use.

Also, some more drugs are in the process of being imported. The organization is planning to import drugs of the 4th generation.

Only the government working to control the dengue situation isn’t enough. The government, as well as the public, must work together. We have to keep our environment clean. In particular, the house owners in cities should be more cautious about this.

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