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the snow in the alps mountain is melting fast due to heat waves
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The snow in the Alps Mountain is melting fast due to heat waves

The snow in the Alps Mountain is melting fast due to heat waves


On the one hand, the heat is increasing. On the other hand, due to warming, the ice is melting. The adverse effects of climate change are evident in the West.

In the Alps, it is the time of snow melting, but this time the snow is melting very fast. This ice melt has been counting for the last 60 years. It appears that the year 2022 has broken all precedents!

Each year, the number of snow melts and snowfall during the winter calculate. It measures how much a glacier is shrinking each year.

Since last winter, the amount of snowfall has decreased in this region. Meanwhile, the Alps began to melt rapidly. Over the previous two summers, heat waves have been seen here. In these hilly areas, this July temperature touches around 30 degrees Celsius, which is incredible.

Environmentalists naturally frown in this situation. A Sweden’s glaciologist says this season has become extreme.

Since the end of the Ice age , glaciers worldwide have been melting every year due to climate change. However, in the Alps case, the matter is more severe because the temperature has increased by 0.3 degrees Celsius in the last decade, which is twice the global average!

Moreover, this calculation is scary. It estimates that the Alps will lose about 80 percent of their mass by 2100 if greenhouse gas emissions continue.

The threat of melting glaciers has increasingly feared due to global warming. Last month, a glacier collapsed in Italy’s Marmolada, killing 11 people.

Similarly, the Himalayan glaciers are also being monitored. The scientists told the news agency that the snow has melted at a record rate this year.

Many glaciers start melting in the Kashmir region with the onset of the summer season. This time too, the glaciers began melting fast. Overall, the picture of panic is gradually becoming clear.

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