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Why are Neanderthals disappeared from the earth

Why are Neanderthals disappeared from the earth?

Why are Neanderthals disappeared from the Earth? New information came up in the research

By Zeba Tarannum

Today’s humans and their civilization have not developed on this Earth at once. And the skills and Precision of knowledge have also evolved. Primitive or early human beings have come to today’s Homo sapiens after crossing different species. And the Neanderthal people are significant in this journey.

But why were they suddenly disappeared?

There are many opinions about this. However, researchers have recently made a completely different claim. They claimed, 42 thousand years ago, due to the shifting of the Earth’s magnetic poles, the giant mammal species Megafna and Neanderthals became extinct.

The study was recently published in the ‘Science’ newspaper. Chris Turn, a professor at the University of New South Wales, a part of the research team, claims that studies have shown that the magnetic field weakens due to polar changes at that time. As a result, carbon-14 increases a lot in the weather.

Neanderthals died due to this reason. Scientists estimate that such events occur every 2 to 3 million years. At present, the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field is decreasing, so the researchers are not ruling out the possibility of changing the Earth’s poles’ ends again.

Contextually, the Earth’s magnetic field protects the planet from radiation. Humans and the rest of the animal kingdom are surviving this planet because of the magnetic field. Due to this, cosmic rays are freed from the grip of harmful radioactivity.

Among the various species of humans, more information are found about the Neanderthals. In 1856, a fossil found in the Neanderthal valley of Germany was named after the place Neanderthal human. There are many similarities between Neanderthals and ordinary people.

Genetic research has shown that they have a lot in common with Amag’s DNA. But why the Neanderthals living in Europe and Asia became extinct about 40,000 years ago is still unclear. There are many opinions about it.

There are even theories of losing to Homo sapiens. But this time, the scientists were seen to make a completely different claim.

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