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Why are there no snakes naturally in Ireland
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Why are there no snakes naturally in Ireland?

Why are there no snakes naturally in Ireland?

Saint Patrick sent all the snakes of Ireland to the sea by the force of his faith. Even if such a legend is prevalent, it is impossible because there were no snakes naturally in Ireland. Because, in Ireland, there were never any snakes naturally.

Similarly, there are no snakes in Hawaii, Iceland, New Zealand, Greenland, or Antarctica. One of the reasons is that these are islands. Ireland, however, was at one time associated with more extensive territory. That is the event of the ice age. At that time, the country was so cold that no cold blooded reptiles’ could survive.

The ice age passed probably that of 10,000 years ago. By this time, the Glacier was melting. But the ice melting water is still flowing with seawater around Ireland. Because of this, the snakes could not cross the icy water from the surrounding area.

Somehow wild pigs, wild cats, and brown bears reached Ireland. Among the reptiles, only the chameleon was able to accomplish this impossible task. But, the Snakes couldn’t.

Though there are no snakes in this country, snakes petting is a sign of dignity. Numerous reports of large pet snakes escaping from their homes can be found on the internet. Some even leave pet snakes on their initiative. However, so far, there is no news that snakes available in nature.

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