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Aman Planting has Exceeded the Target in Bangladesh, But This Time the Insect Attacks are More
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Aman Planting has Exceeded the Target in Bangladesh, But This Time the Insect Attacks are More

Aman Planting has Exceeded the Target in Bangladesh, But This Time the Insect Attacks are More

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The farmers of Rajshahi are having a busy time in the care of Aman rice. This time Aman has planted in 1,070 hectares more land than the target. However, due to unfavorable weather, insect infestation in the Aman fields has increased.

But keeping in mind the inclement weather, a special team from Dhaka is already monitoring the issue, including conducting various awareness programs among farmers to prevent insect attacks, according to the Department of Agricultural Extension.

According to the Rajshahi Department of Agricultural Extension, this time the target for Aman cultivation in Rajshahi was 76,500 hectares. The production target has been set at 2 lakh 24 thousand 49 metric tons.

However, this time Aman has planted in 77,570 hectares of land exceeding the target. Due to unfavorable weather, many farmers have had to plant paddy late this time. Besides, the insect attack is seen more this time. However, they did not do much harm by conducting awareness activities among the farmers in advance.

Farmers say that this time they had to suffer due to bad weather. However, it was better to plant paddy due to heavy rainfall. The rice plant was also right. Suddenly they see an insect attack.

However, the application of pesticides has not caused much damage so far. However, the insects have not been wholly controlled yet. They can also see the rot.

Nirash Ali, a farmer of Paba Upazila at Rajshahi, said he had planted paddy in about two and a half Bighas of land this time. The planting was good. Insect attacks occur suddenly. Then I apply the pesticide on the advice of the local dealer. Now it has decreased a lot. But not wholly suppressed.

Sattar Ali of Godagari Upazila said he had planted paddy in about two Bighas of land. Planting is much better now. Insects appeared a few days ago, and it is better to use pesticides. However, he is still not free from fear. Because there are still insects in the adjacent land, besides, his one Bigha of land is a bit high. He can see the attack of the rat without breaking the sheaf.

Paba Upazila Agriculture Officer Sharmin Sultana said insect attacks were more prevalent in her Upazila than in other years. But they are already alert. She is making the farmers aware of this through the field workers. They are being informed about various methods of insect control. So far, no damage has been done to her Upazila.

In this regard, Deputy Director of Rajshahi Agriculture Extension Department Shamsul Haque said, this time the weather is worse than other years. Sometimes the sun, sometimes the rain, and again the scorching heat. Rain is suitable for paddy cultivation.

However, due to waterlogging, farmers have been delayed in planting paddy in some places. Insect attacks are more prevalent in Rajshahi, especially in Godagari and Paba Upazilas due to inclement weather. However, they are already aware of this.

They are creating awareness among farmers. To control the insects, light traps, Bilibhanga (a particular method of giving the sun) should be applied on the land. This did not cause much damage to the crop.

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