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Fishing in magic nets in Gopalganj, Local species are under threat
Agriculture Amila Khan

Fishing in magic nets in Gopalganj, Local species are under threat

Fishing in magic nets in Gopalganj, Local species are under threat

By Amila khan

Bangladesh News: Magic net is more dangerous than the current net (Fishnet that tiny opening). In this, all kinds of mother fish, including carp, are being caught indiscriminately. Simultaneously, various aquatic animals, including eel fish, frogs, and snakes, are also dying.

In Kashiani of Gopalganj, small and big fish are being hunted indiscriminately by trapping “magic net” in the canals, baors (a special type of Waterbody), and rivers, and water bodies.

This has threatened the local species of fish of the rivers of the area. Although this net has not been stopped, experts fear that the local species of native fish will become extinct in a few years. At the same time, aquatic biodiversity will be destroyed.

Bablu Majhi, a fisherman from Trail village in Kashiani Upazila, said the Chinese magic net is a special kind of trap. It is about 60 to 80 feet long, like nests with small rooms.

The two ends of the nets are kept tied to rivers, canals, and bamboo poles in ponds. After a while, all kinds of fish, big and small, get caught in the net.

The fishermen of most of the marshes, including Bethuri, Ghritkandi, Taltala, Ghonapara, Vidyadhar, Parulia, Rahuthar, Puishur, Debashur, Singa marsh of Kashiani Upazila are hunting all kinds of mother fish, including carp, indiscriminately to get this special trap called magic net.

Simultaneously, various aquatic animals, including crickets, frogs, and snakes, are dying, said the fisherman.

On anonymity, two fishermen from Ramdia village in Kashiani Upazila said that a lot of fish could be easily caught in the magic net. They have been fishing with this net since the beginning of the monsoon. More fish are caught in magic nets than current nets.

It generates more income. This is why fishers are leaning towards magic nets.

Each magic net costs Taka 6 thousand to 8 thousand. After catching a lot of fish in the magic net, the net money comes up in a few days. When asked where the nets could be bought, they declined to comment.

However, they also said that an influential local gang is involved in smuggling illegal magic nets.
Aminul Islam, a fisheries researcher, said, “if magic nets are not stopped, will destroy the native species like putti, tangra, koi, shing, magur, mani,khalisha, shoal,itaki, etc.”

Various aquatic animals, including eel fish, frogs, and snakes, will be endangered. He advised stopping using this net soon to protect the fishery resources.

Kashani Upazila Fisheries Officer SM Shahjahan Siraj acknowledged the rampant use of magic nets, saying, “Illegal magic nets or traps are a huge threat to the fishery resources of Beel-Baor, rivers, canals and open water bodies.

The higher authorities have been informed to close it. As soon as they get the instructions, effective action will be taken by conducting mobile court quickly. Fishermen will also be made aware to stop magic nets.”

Source: Green Page

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