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Today April 22 is International Earth Day
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Today April 22 is International Earth Day

Today April 22 is International Earth Day

Today is the 50th year of World Earth Day. The 50th year of Earth Day is being celebrated. We have to protect our environment. Of course, we are responsible for destroying the natural environment. Many of us may take various steps to sustain the earth.

But steps to destroy the earth are being noticed a little more. We are constantly destroying that environment and nature, which environment and nature we need.

Every year on April 22, World Earth Day is celebrated all over the world. Earth Day was celebrated for the first time in 1970. U.S. Senator Gelard Nelson introduced this Earth Day. The theme of this year’s Earth Day is ‘Climate Action’. The main goal of this day is to sustain the earth by protecting the environment and nature.

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Many who do not know may be wondering why the Earth instead of the World?

For those who do not know, the word Earth came mainly from the word Erda, and this Erda means ground. Yes, this day is celebrated to keep the world alive. However, various movements are currently underway around the world to protect the environment and nature.

There is a significant difference between observing Earth Day every year and celebrating Earth Day this year. During coronavirus epidemics, the people are living in homes. However, due to the temporary lockdown, nature has really made up its own mind. But still, everything in the world is for people.

Protecting the environment doesn’t seem like a difficult thing. If the national and international leaders give a little insight, the common people hope that the environment will be better protected instead of destroying the environment.

More people are not responsible for the destruction of nature and the environment. Some selfish people are responsible for this class.

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