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Various types of diseases are increasing in the winter, how to be careful

Various types of diseases are increasing in the winter, how to be careful

Various types of diseases are increasing in the winter, how to be careful

Sadia Noor Portia (7th-semester student, English Department,
Independent University, Bangladesh).

The outbreak of various diseases is seen in winter. Dust floats in the wind the winter. And in the dry weather and dusty attack, different diseases occur. In the cold, attacks of various diseases can be observed in the human body in winter. So it is important to be careful in winter, especially for those with chronic illnesses.

Many of us love to go out and eat in the winter. But it is seen that many become sick by the cold, dry weather and dusty attack. On the other hand, those who have respiratory problems, joint pains, sinusitis, and nerve problems increase further. In other words, those with chronic illnesses need to be especially careful in the winter.

How to be careful of various diseases in winter-

1. Particularly noticeable is the increased prevalence of asthma during the winter because of the high dust in the air. In touch with boxed blankets and books, there may be problems with breathing as the sneezing begins. It is important to know that it is a type of allergy. Inhalers should be taken to relieve these allergies. When the inhaler is taken, a small amount of the drug enters the lungs directly. Therefore, it is advisable to use an inhaler at the doctor’s advice.

2. Joint pain can be seen during this time. Both rheumatoid and osteoporosis these two types of arthritis patients suffer more in the winter. Lowering the temperature causes pain and agony. Hot sacks or hot water bags cannot be taken in this agony. Doctors around the world have rejected this procedure. Although it gives temporary comfort, the problem actually increases. Not for joint pain, but if you wake up and feel pain in the neck you can use hot sacks.

3. Many think that if joint pain occurs, calcium decreases. Many people buy calcium and start eating. Excess calcium or vitamin D is bad for the body. Especially it can cause heart problems. If it lasts for a long time, the doctor’s advice should be taken.

4. During the winter, many suffer from headaches. You have to notice which part of the head is hurting. If you have pain on the back of the head for a long time, consult a doctor. You can drink coffee instead of tea in ordinary migraine. Caffeine helps reduce migraine.

5. In cold, the muscles of the legs suddenly get tense. Dehydration occurs in winter too. Cramps mainly occur due to low water consumption. In addition, there is a problem of tension if the body’s balance of minerals is disrupted. So you have to drink water quantitatively.

Source: Green Page(Bangla version)

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